APK The best application to watch free digital tv on android / ios 2020

APK The best application to watch free digital tv on android / ios 2020
 Surely you are thinking: this guy is here again to introduce us to what, according to him, is again the best app to watch TV for free !! You are probably also wondering, but how many applications to watch paid channels of this style will be the best for him? And you even think that every time I say the same thing to get more visitors to the website and the Androidsisvideo video channel.

Well, the reason for saying that it is the best app of the moment to watch TV for free, is that this type of application is for a limited time, and the one that is now the best and that I present to you today and that in its day was the better until it stops working, tomorrow it can stop working until it receives a new update to correct errors that are none other than the changes that television channels make in the frequency of their broadcasts to prevent these applications from working as It's due.

If just a few months ago I presented you as Mobdro the best app to watch free TV, even pay channels, now that app is not working at all well, most of the channels today do not load and in general, at least until new update, the baton has passed to YouTV Player, an app that in its day was already the best of the style and that after its last update is once agai n crowned as the best app of the moment to watch TV for free, including of course , free-to-air TV channels and pay-per-view TV channels, all with Chromecast support and completely free.

How can you see in the video that I have left you right at the beginning of this post, to be able to make YouTV Player work and watch TV for free and even send the content to our TV connected to Google's Chromecast, we will not have to follow complicated tutorials practical setup as with KODI. In this app, just by opening it and creating a user account with our Facebook account or Google account, we will be able to watch TV for free and enjoy all the content that the app offers us, conveniently categorized as follows:

  • My Streams
  • Phone Videos
  • Favorites
  • Add
  • Reminders
  • Remove advertising
  • Open TV
  • Entertainment
  • Childish
  • World and culture
  • Movie theater
  • Series
  • sports
  • News
  • Music
  • Premium
  • HD channels
  • Tele Education
The option that you can see near the end of the list, an option that is called or is categorized as Premium, is not a paid option or anything like that, it is an equally free option in which you will be able to see content explicitly cataloged as "For Adults", among which are, of course, the best porn channels.


Remember that the app is completely free and the options to unblock advertising, or in this case rather block advertising for a stipulated time, you will only find them within the app. With this I want to tell you not to pay attention to emails and other messages that arrive in which donations are requested to maintain the app since they are a vile scam as they communicate to us at the beginning of the app.