Spotify full Premium APK V Latest version 2020 - Download

Spotify full Premium APK V Latest version 2020 - Download

 Spotify is one of the largest music streaming services in the world, it is a platform that provides audio content to be heard in “real time”. Streaming has free and paid plans, and can be used from cell phones (Android and iOS), computers (PC and Mac) and even smart TVs. Spotify is large in number of users and also in its catalog, which has more than 30 million songs.

Launched in 2008, Spotify only officially arrived in Brazil in 2014 and today it is already present in more than 61 countries. Here, Netflix of the songs, shares the market with other streams like Deezer and Apple Music.

How does Spotify work?

Spotify is a service that allows you to stream audio over the internet. In short, it is a way to enjoy music without having to download and load files with you, taking up space on your device. The negative point of this approach is the dependence on internet connectivity for the service to work (subscribers can download to listen without the need for internet, but in any case, the connection will be necessary to obtain the file).

Unlike Netflix, Spotify can be used for free: all you have to do is associate your Facebook account with the service, or create a new account with a valid email. In the free model, you can use playlists, discover content and listen to the songs available on the platform.

The big difference for the paid modality, called Spotify Premium, is the absence of advertising. Free Spotify users must live with ads played between songs, while premium subscribers do not hear advertising.

Another more subtle difference between the two forms of access is the way in which free Spotify allows the user to interact with the songs. In the free modality, the platform ends up restricting the means by which the user can consume the service: only through pre-defined playlists or with the shuffle activated, without being able to skip several tracks in sequence. There are also location restrictions - some types of content are not accessible for free plans in some countries.

Spotify pays royalties to artists who assign their music to the service's collection. The account that establishes how much money each musician will receive may vary depending on a number of factors, but, in general, the calculation starts from the number of times the content is heard by a user. Mathematics also considers the total number of songs heard within a given period. However, copyright issues and other factors can end up directly affecting how much each one receives.

Discovering music

One of the most interesting aspects of Spotify is the service's ability to “discover” your tastes over time, through artificial intelligence. So the more you use it, the more accurate Spotify becomes in the task of suggesting new songs for you. In the end, the service may end up becoming an important source in discovering new sounds, artists and rhythms that you might not otherwise hear. To access the resource, just use the "Discover" option.

The most common way to interact with Spotify and discover its potential is through playlists. You just have to find a lot of music you like in the search and add it to your list to listen whenever you want.

You can also find playlists created by your friends to find out what they're listening to. Another cool way to interact with the list engine is to find playlists made by artists.