ᐉTop 4 Virtual Drive Programs That Can Be Used With WINDOWS 10-Software-2021

ᐉTop 4 Virtual Drive Programs That Can Be Used With WINDOWS 10-Software-2021

 The arrival of the CD is something revolutionary in the history of computers, because in the end we can store a lot of information in a small and easy to transport object. Then we tried to find a way to completely copy the contents of the CD and save it elsewhere. This is how the ISO image appears. Today, even Microsoft uses ISO images, so the technology still has a high degree of applicability.

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virtual drive

To create these images, all you need is dedicated software for this purpose, which can be found for free on the Internet. You can burn ISO to new CD or DVD, or even burn to USB flash drive to install different software or operating systems faster. Another characteristic of the ISO image is that it behaves like a real disk. Convince the computer to use this file as a physical disk.

The software that everyone gets from those files is called virtual drive software, because there is no physical carrier for the information and the data is stored in the computer's memory. The following is a list of the best virtual drive software that Windows 10 provides for free.

Daemon tools

Daemon tools
Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools is one of the veterans in this field because it has been in the market for 15 years and currently has the largest number of users. It has 4 versions and can attract 3 million users every month.

The most popular version is Daemon Tools Lite, which is also the only version with a free version. It is considered one of the best programs of its kind as it can perform operations on any known image file type and can simulate up to 4 DTS + SCSI + HDD devices. The lite version has 3 types of licenses: business licenses, personal licenses, and free licenses (with different prices).

Each update will be done automatically and you will get specialized technical support from the developers. You can purchase this version from the official website at a price of $ 14.90.

A personal license allows you to install software on 3 computers, you will get free updates whenever you need them and you will benefit from 24/7 technical support. You can get this license from here for $ 4.90.

A free license is the basic form of software that can perform most of the operations, but you will not get technical support from the developer, so you will have to accept a lot of advertising.

The developer also provides a toolkit with 3 types of licenses. So for just $ 29.90, you can have a full Daemon Tools Lite with unlimited installation, dedicated support, and no ads.

You can find more information about other versions of Daemon Tools on their official website.

Microsoft Virtual CDRom Control Panel

The first version of the software was released in 2001, but Microsoft revised it in 2013 to improve it. The program is suitable for XP, Vista and Windows7. Unfortunately Microsoft informed us that they do not provide any support for the program, but this should have nothing to do with you, because as long as you determine the source of the ISO, it will not cause any harm. The file is safe.

All you need is an operating system version higher than Windows Server 2003.

It is very easy to install because it is contained in a self-extracting ZIP file. After downloading the file, all you have to do is run it. Click Unzip and select the folder to install. Before using the program, it is recommended that you read the readme.txt file to fully understand how it works with your system.

You can download the software completely free from Microsoft's official website.

DVDFab virtual drive

virtual drive
Virtual Drive

The software is more geared towards the media field: video conversion and playback. It is a virtual emulator in DVD and Blu-ray format. You can simulate up to 18 drives and mount ISO images created in DVDFab and ISO images created by other similar software.

This tool introduces a new extension in the .miniso program simulation area. We know that the ISO image file contains two parts: the image header with the identifier function and other files and folders. The .miniso file is like an image title, it can be used with a specific folder using DVDFab, and it can simulate a normal ISO.

The software has many fully customizable settings. You can choose a language from about 20 available languages, let the software automatically install the latest image, uninstall all drivers on exit, and even manually configure the number of drives (0-18). This is a professional program that does not require a powerful computer to run. From now on, any computer can use the recommended system requirements. Everyone has a newer version than Windows XP and a more powerful processor than the Pentium II.

You can download the software for free from the developer's official website.


wincdmu disco virtual

WinCDEmu is one of the simplest tools in this category. The software allows you to install them by clicking on the optical image. It has many facilities to reserve a place for you in the most efficient virtual disk software. Can be used with ISO, CUE, NRG, MDS / MDF, CCD and IMG images, supports unlimited number of drives, installer size is less than 2MB, no need to reboot after installation, has provides more Out of 20 languages ​​for you to choose from, it's free for any use and one of the best features is that when you're not using it, it doesn't take up any drive letter.

Installation is very simple and does not take much time because it comes with predefined settings, and you can change them at any time by checking the "Custom installation options" box.

It is compatible with any version of Windows higher than Windows 2000.