ᐉ LIVE TV on Firestick - The Best apps for the United States 2021

ᐉ LIVE TV on Firestick - The Best apps for the United States 2021

With the arrival of new compatible devices to Smart TVs we have the Amazon Firestick, a gadget in which you can install any Android-compatible app. That is why in this post we are going to recommend the best applications for 2021.

Remember that these apps can be installed on other compatible devices such as: cell phones, tablet, windows pc, mac OS, tv box.

Recently, you need a TV box that supports Netflix and YouTube natively. By coincidence, I found out about this streaming media device on Amazon. Next, let's learn about this together.

Fire Stick TV is one of the best-selling products on Amazon and, due to its characteristics and price, it can be very useful at home. Next, we will analyze the device, its operation, its main advantages and the current market price.

The Best Applications to Watch Live TV on Firestick for Free 2021

What is the Fire TV Stick and what is it for?

It is a powerful 4K ultra high definition streaming multimedia device, commonly known as a TV box. In China, there is also a special title, "Firestick TV 4K".

  • You can turn on the power and volume for massive movies, TV shows and compatible devices (IR compatible) via the new Alexa Voice Remote (Google Alexa language control) that comes with it.
  • Supports 4K Ultra HD (external monitor / TV must support hdcp 2.2), HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision and HDR10 +
  • When connected to a home audio system, it can provide immersive Dolby Atmos sound effects
  • Supports Apple TV
  • Amazon Deeply Customizes Android TV System, Ad-Free, Few Bugs
  • You can install third-party software, such as national broadcast media like UAT, and you can also watch live TV.

How to watch live TV on Firestick

The best apps to watch TV for free on Firestick in the United States

Below is the list of the best apps that we have collected to get the most out of your amazon firestick.

Pluto TV

The Best Applications to Watch Live TV on Firestick for Free 2021
Pluto Tv

This new application has a great variety of free channels that we can see on our fire tv stick, some of the categories you have are the following:

  • Series and films
  • Cartoon
  • Music
  • TV soaps
  • And much more

Pluto Tv gives you all this entertainment multimedia content totally free and the best thing is that it has excellent playback servers, which will offer you the best streaming service when it comes to viewing all these channels on your fire tv stick.

Conquista application will not only be able to watch live television but also movies and series that this excellent application gives you totally free, it has a wide catalog of movies and series and totally live television channels. Pluto TV brings you the latest in the world of cinema and entertainment at the foot of your home.

To download Pluto TV, you can do it directly from the Play Store, or also on its official page such as so that you have all the updates up to date.

Live NetTv

The Best Applications to Watch Live TV on Firestick for Free 2021

Live NetTV is one of the best streaming applications for Firestick and also for other Android devices, such as mobile devices, Smart TVs with Android or TV Box. This excellent application offers us more than 700 TV channels, which are very well structured in countries and several other categories, which makes it very cool. All the channels provided by the Live NetTV application are of excellent quality and the best thing is that it is totally free.

NetTV offers a DTT service of the highest quality from end to end in all elements of the chain and complying at all times with all existing regulations, standards and specifications. Download


How To WATCH LIVE TV on firestick  FREE 2021 | The best applications

The Crackle app is another free online video streaming service that can replace Sony Entertainment's free jailbreak device. You can easily find the best award-winning TV series, movies and TV shows in this apk without any hassle.

If you really love entertaining great works (movies, TV series, etc.), then you should definitely sign up for Crackle to watch amazing TV shows, movies and web series for free on Amazon Fire Stick devices. To do this, a Crackle account must be created to use their content library.

A wonderful feature of the Crackle app is that it has been tasked with adding a parental control feature to the app to filter content based on age (adult content 18+). This will only increase the popularity of the app on the Fire Stick. Crackle

Tele Latino Apk

The Best Applications to Watch Live TV on Firestick for Free 2021

A complete application that has a wide catalog of movies and series in Spanish, as if that were not enough, Latin TV also has a section of Latin television channels.

Latin TV is also a very good and recommended application for you to download and have it directly on Firestick.

All the content it offers is totally free, although the app is not available in stores (Play Store & Amazon Store), we can download it from the web Telelatino apk

Free Crack

The Best Applications to Watch Live TV on Firestick for Free 2021
Free Crack 

Continuing with the list, we are going to recommend a new app that is among the best since it is exclusively for lovers of sporting events.

We are talking about the free crack app, which has many free HD sports channels, from there we can see live broadcasts of all the leagues in different countries.

This application is completely free and offers you all this multimedia content in excellent quality and the best of all is that you can download it from the following link, (free crack)

Film App Plus

The Best Applications to Watch Live TV on Firestick for Free 2021
Film App Plus

Another option that you can have installed on your firestick is the new version of film app plus, which has many movies and series to enjoy.

Undoubtedly, this application has a huge catalog of both movies and series of the latest releases in the world of cinema and entertainment, so much so that it has been compared with prestigious platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and among others. Since it has excellent playback servers and excellent User Service, and best of all, it is totally free.

Unlike Tele Latino or Pluto TV, with this app you won't be able to watch TV channels, just access movies. You can download this application at the following link (Film app plus)


These are just some of the many applications that we can enjoy installing on Amazon Firestick and watching some good movies and series on our TV in the United States.

Not necessarily all of them can be obtained from the Amazon Store, but with the help of the Downloader app we can download and install them on our fire tv stick.